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Ace Tests.

Science Has Cracked The Code On How To Take Notes & Ace Every Test!

Blast Automates the Science

Blast records and transcribes the lecture while automating effective note-taking so you can focus on learning instead of trying to write everything the professor says.

After the lecture Blast helps you quickly convert the lecture recording and transcript into study material like questions and interactive recordings of the most important parts of the lecture.

Finally, the intelligent Blast Study system delivers the study material in a way that accelerates memory formation so you can ace tests with less study time.

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Acing The Test

Answering The RIGHT Questions

Why are questions
so important?

You don’t want to waste cramming time by learning something for the first time. Instead, you want to learn everything in the lecture so you can use cramming time to strengthen your ability to recall what you already learned. Answering questions is the fastest way to strengthen your ability to recall information during a test.

Why is re-reading or re-listening a waste of time?

Stress produces a chemical reaction between neurons associated with understanding. Writing and answering questions put the most stress on the right part of the brain, which is why writing and answering questions is four times more productive than just re-reading your notes or re-reading your textbook.

You would have to spend 4 hours using old study methods to get the same benefit of just 1 hour of study using Blast.
That is 3 hours saved for 1 hour you spend in Blast!

What is Smart Node Technology?

Blast uses our Smart Node technology to simplify note taking and make it easy to convert notes into study material that Blast uses to help you ace tests.

Not only can you record the lecture, with each smart node you can also:

  • Select what this node will focus on (such as taking notes or creating questions or narratives)
  • Highlight the title to indicate importance
    Create new parent or child nodes (a visual memorization technique)
  • Create speech-to-text
    Move the node around for organization

When you move the node around, you will see that each parent node is a different color, and each child node is the same color as the parent node.

This is best seen when you select Question in the menu and the hint, answer, and explanation child nodes automatically appear.

You can use Multi-window to open a transcript from the lecture to fill in the information in the Question nodes by either copying and pasting the information or re-typing the information.

You can listen to the section or the lecture associated with each Smart Node or view the transcript to complete the information for the Hint, Answer and Explanation.

Blast uses the questions you create to build personalized study sessions that accelerate the formation of durable and easily recallable memories.

Using Alexa on your Phone as your Personal Study Assistant

With the Blast Phone App, Alexa asks study questions or reads the most important parts of the lecture transcripts so you can study on the go. Studying with Alexa, in this way, free’s up your hands to do something else, like running or cooking, because you do not need to scroll to the next question or swipe to the next page. Once the question is answered, Alexa automatically asks the next question on the list.

Answering questions in this way saves time and increases study effectiveness. If you are not in the mood to answer questions, that’s perfectly fine! You can still study by listening to learning narratives similar to how you would listen to an audiobook or podcast.

The only difference is, Alexa is reading you information from the lecture that you need to learn for the exam, which is further reinforcing your knowledge!

In addition, Alexa uses interactive audio-study techniques to better reinforce this knowledge, which is just one of the many study hacks Blast uses to help you study less and still ace tests.

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